Wages Protection System (WPS)

Optimum Wages Protection System enables organizations to submit their employees salaries and wages through authorized banks and financial institutions. Organizations can onboard WPS compliant entities, submit salaries and disburse funds to employees through bank accounts, e-wallets or on counter pay out. 

Employer Portal

Optimum Wages Protection System comprises of an employer portal where companies can self-onboard using a simple and self-explanatory process. Onboarding form can be designed by the financial institution. The process is simple yet regulations compliant.

Employer Portal Functionalities:

  • Self Onboarding
  • Corporate KYC
  • Self Designed Form
  • Document Attachments
  • In-built Multi Level Workflow


Employee KYC

Optimum WPS is capable of performing KYC (Know Your Customer) eitehr manually or electronically through any e-KYC product like Jumio or Shufti Pro. Each employee onborded can go through KYC process for regulatory needs. The KYC form can be self designed by the organization and can be populated easily through mobile app. 

Employee KYC Functionalities:

  • Integration with any e-KYC engine (Jumio, Shufti-Pro, etc..)
  • Self Designed e-KYC forms
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Document Attachments
  • e-Signatures


Mobile App

Optimum WPS comes with its own mobile app which can be white labelled for any organization. The mobile app is available for employers as well as employees. Employers can receive approvals on various documents and employees can view their salaries. 

Mobile App can also comprise e-wallet where employees will receive their salaries. 

Mobile App Functionalities:

  • Android, iOS or Huawei platforms
  • Employer / Employee Login
  • Salary Account View
  • e-Wallet
  • In Built KYC




Salary Upload & Verification

Optimum WPS provides the functionality to the onboarded business entities to upload their salary files in Excel format which are then verified by system and sent through in-built workflow approval process. Once approved salaries are disbursed using bank account. 

Salary Upload Functionalities:

  • Simple Upload by Excel Template
  • Salary Verification
  • Workflow Approval
  • Salary Disbursement

Product Specific

  • Ready Reconciliation Sheet
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Any Type of Counter-party File
  • Adjustment in Un-reconciling
  • Unlimited Reconciliation Accounts
  • Reconciliation Inquiry Both side

Product General

  • Supports Document Attachment
  • In-Built Approval Workflow
  • Posting Alerts (Emails, SMS.)
  • Powerful Security Control


Sub Ledger

Optimum WPS boasts in-built sub ledger which accounts for all transactions and also allows you to manage the bank accounts including escrow. 

Sub-Ledger Functionalities:

  • Customer/Vendor Sub-ledger
  • Escrow Account Management
  • Financial Reports
  • Integration with Core Systems


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