Merchant Payment System (MPS)

Optimum Merchant Payment System (MPS) helps your financial institution thrive. It helps you build merchant relationships stronger and effeciaent. It is capable of settling all type of merchant payments by integrating with core processing systems and the payment gateway at the same time. 

Merchant Payment System (MPS) Functionalities:

  • Merchant Account
  • Merchant Onboarding
  • Merchant Settlement
  • Multiple Settlement Methods
  • Integration with Core Systems
  • Integration with Payment Gateways


Merchant Account

Optimum MPS maintains account for each merchant which gives you the facility of generating statement of account for all merchants. Merchants can also login to system get there statement of accounts. 

Merchant Account Functionalities:

  • Merchant Account Creation
  • Merchant Statement of Account
  • Merchant Login
  • Merchant Sub-Ledger



Merchant Onboarding

Optimum MPS provides complete merchant onboarding process where you can design your own onboarding process by ways of forms and required documents attachments. The onboarding can go through workflow process for approval. 

Merchant Onboarding Functionalities:

  • Complete KYC Process
  • Self Designed Forms
  • Industry Standard Controls
  • Document Attachments 
  • Document Library
  • In-bult Document Workflow Process


Merchant Payments

Optimum MPS provides the core functionality or merchant payments with minimum hassle and maximum control. Merchant payments can processed simply by uploading payments file to the system or by passing payments through the payment vouchers.

Merchant Payments Functionalities:

  • Payment Vouchers
  • Payments File Upload
  • Periodical Payments
  • Multiple Payment Methods




Integration with Core Systems

Optimum MPS module can be integrated with any core card processing system like VisionPLUS or PowerCard. The integration is API / Web Services based and can be easily ahieved by our experts. 

Core Systems Integration Features:

  • API or Web Services based Integration
  • Hassle Free Integration Service
  • Compatible with All Major Core Card Systems


Integrated with Payment Gateways

Optimum MPS can integrate with all major payment gateways using APIs. 

Payment Gateway Integration Features:

  • Easy and Quick Integration
  • Hassle Free Process
  • Compatible with All Major Payment Gateways


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