Corporate Profile

About Us

Amthal Group is a dynamic and fast-growing group of companies with regional offices in a number of countries in the Middle East.

Amthal Group was established in the year 2000 by a team of professional accountants, management professionals, consultants, IT and education specialists from various backgrounds in the corporate world with a wealth of expertise, providing the company with a broad spectrum of business knowhow.

Amthal Group comprises of four main divisions, catering to various sectors of business, especially financial, commercial and government sectors. The four divisions of Amthal Group operate independently yet interrelated to serve these sectors according to the services provided:

  • Optimum, which provides ERP solutions and business process re-engineering (BPR) for medium to large scale organizations.
  • Wolke, which provides ERP solutions and business process re-engineering for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • EcNet, which provides digital and conventional marketing services.
  • NcLink, which provides infrastructure solutions such as cloud services, networking, computer hardware and technical support services.

What We Do

The core of our business is to enable businesses in the region to optimize their potentials and achieve their goals through latest software solutions, innovative marketing techniques and state-of-the-art networking and communication technologies.

We enter into fruitful partnerships with our customers, to enhance the productivity of their processes, boost their visibility in the market, and augment the overall profitability of their businesses.

Our Vision

Amthal Group  becomes one of the preferred choices for providing ICT solutions, business management mechanisms and related services in the Middle East and beyond, building long-lasting and trusted business relationships with our clients and partners.

Our Mission

Through ICT, Business Process Re-Engineering and Marketing we enable our clients to achieve their goals through our solutions and services, so they can enhance efficiency in order to increase their productivity and profitability on the inside and expand visibility in order to improve their positioning and product awareness on the outside to stay ahead of their competitors and overcome the challenges of today’s turbulent market conditions.


Al-Amthal is committed to provide:

“Total Integrated Business Solutions” by optimizing business processes through the development and implementation of innovative software products, state-of-the-art hardware solutions and professional consultancy services that comply with applicable requirements.

“Total Customer Satisfaction” through subject matter expertise, commitment to our customer requirements and dedicated customer services.

“A Professional and Motivating Work Environment” by inspiring our people through fostering their talent and challenging their capabilities to create opportunities for growth.

“Continuous Improvement” of our processes, services, products, people & Quality Management System through constant review of enhancement opportunities. We will always strive to create a prefect product in order to achieve excellence based on international standards.

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