Digital Core Banking

Optimum Digital Core Banking is a full-fledged E-ERP (Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning - Total browser base) system that covers all back office operations of any bank or financial institution. It has the capability to integrate with any core banking solution for posting transactions.

Optimum Digital Core Banking is a multi-currency software at the commitment level and at the settlement level. It has in-built limit authorization and workflow approval processes. The drill down facilities are incorporated in the system at all levels. The inquiries and reporting capabilities ease the job and give a competitive edge to the users and to the organization.


Cards e-Wallet

Teenage e-Wallet

Accounting System

Procurement & Expenses

Inventory Management

Fixed Assets

Time & Attendance

Product Specific

  • Full Back Office Management
  • Mapped to Government Laws
  • Integrated With Core Banking
  • Full HR Management
  • Multi-Store / Multi-Location
  • Multi-Branch
  • Multi-Currency

Product General

  • In-Built Document Workflow
  • Unlimited Workflow Levels
  • Bi-Lingual Arabic/English
  • Powerful Security Control
  • Fully Integrated ERP



  • Internet / Intranet Based
  • Accessible Through Any Browser
  • ASP.NET & C# Development Tools
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Mobile Application