Micro Finance Banking

Optimum Micro-Finance Management is a full-fledged E-ERP (Electronic Enterprise Resource Planning - Total browser base) system that covers all operations of micro-finance banks and other institutions. It is a multi-company, multi-branch and multi-location system. It is capable of handling complete loan management at micro level.

Optimum Micro-Finance Management ERP is a multi-currency software at the commitment level and at the settlement level. It has in-built limit authorization and workflow approval processes. The drill down facilities are incorporated in the system at all levels. The inquiries and reporting capabilities ease the job and give a competitive edge to the users and to the organization.

Micro Finance

Financial Management

Procurement & Supply Chain

Inventory Management

Fixed Assets

Time & Attendance

Business Intelligence

Product Specific

  • Full Micro-Loans Management
  • Forms Designer
  • Current Accounts Management
  • Compliance with CBB Laws
  • Multi-Store / Multi-Location
  • Multi-Branch
  • Multi-Currency

Product General

  • In-Built Document Workflow
  • Unlimited Workflow Levels
  • Bi-Lingual Arabic/English
  • Powerful Security Control
  • Fully Integrated ERP


  • Internet / Intranet Based
  • Accessible Through Any Browser
  • ASP.NET & C# Development Tools
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Mobile Application
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