Awqaf moves to offer online services

The Jafferia Waqf Directorate, has entered into an agreement with Al-Amthal for developing an online portal for making its services more accessible to the general public.

Potential customers will be able to access the properties market under the Directorate. Customers can search, rent, sell and lease properties online. The portal will cater for the needs of the Directorate’s many customers with ease and efficiency.

Al-Amthal has been in the forefront of application development for its clients since 2000. “We are proud of being able to participate in the Awqaf Directorate’s initiative to become reachable to more people through modern technology. We will deliver a powerful, user friendly portal that will serve all the purposes meant for it,” said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO, Al-Amthal Group, on the occasion of signing the agreement.