Jaffaria Waqf Directorate Inaugurates the Investors Services Center and the 'Waqf Real Estate Portal'

In line with the directives of the wise leadership on the importance of developing the services of governmental institutions and enhancing direct communication with the public, the Chairman of the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate (JWD), Sheikh Mohsen Al Asfoor inaugurated the Investors Services Center in its administration building in Manama. The meeting was attended by board members, where he also announced the launch of the "Waqf Investment Real Estate Portal"; the new online portal for investment and rental applications. The presentation of all the Waqf properties was conducted for the first time in the history of JWD, which enhances the transparency and competitiveness in the development of revenue from the endowments.

The chairman of the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate said that the center was the third to announce its inauguration by the administration after the maintenance service center and the visitor services center. The council is working on implementing ambitious projects and goals within a comprehensive strategy to promote JWD and activate the tripartite partnership, transparency and development to achieve the aspirations of the different activities of this ancient institution. The chairman pointed out that the developer of the system of the Waqf real estate portal recently completed the finalization of the system enabling users to invest, rent, inquire or pay the amounts incurred directly online through the website www.jwdgate.com.

Sheikh Al-Asfoor said that the new system is developed by Al-Amthal Group, and it is one of the leading modern projects that is launched by Al-Amthal Group to offer and lease all properties of Waqf investment to everyone through the Internet in absolute transparency with the inventory of all properties of Waqf, through the Real Estate Endowment Gate. This system will represent a qualitative leap in the development and management of real estate properties in a modern and professional manner. It is the first of its kind in the world at the level of Waqf institutions. This project translates the new identity launched by JWD to enhance their partnership with various economic and social institutions, and coincides with the celebration of JWD’s 90th anniversary of its founding in 1927, which is one of the first departments in the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Sheikh Al-Asfoor said that Al-Amthal Group has recently linked all management systems to each other and all properties that are available for investment will be offered through the system in a timely and transparent manner. The system facilitates the process of leasing and smoothens the procedures, tenants are divided into four departments: government agencies, civil society organizations and others.

For his part, the CEO of Al-Amthal Group, Hani Awachi, said that the company is proud to extend its work with the Jaffaria Waqf Directorate to develop its systems comprehensively. He also declared that creating a new system for investment services and leasing that enhance transparency and make it easier for all dealers with the Awqaf to complete their transactions at anytime and anywhere using the latest technology and systems providing an innovative experience supported by world-class consulting services.