OPTIMUM sails to SALE Co. offices

SALE Communications Ltd has entered into a contract with the Amthal Group for providing OPTIMUM Time & Attendance software and Business Intelligence tool to manage their time and attendance matters, initially in their Bahrain and Oman divisions.

SALE Co. is a subsidiary of the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) that incorporated VIVA Company, to lead their distribution and retail services. Today, the company has established itself as a leading force in the telecommunication market, serving over 15 million subscribers.

“As a world-class provider of telecommunication services, we needed a time and attendance management solution that would provide maximum scalability to allow for future growth without adding cost and complexity to the increasing data processing; and OPTIMUM is the perfect solution to meet all our requirements” said Mrs. Nadia Al-Herz, IT Manager of Sale Co.

“Having SALE Co. on board confirms that the OPTIMUM software systems made in the Gulf by Al-Amthal have the ability to compete with internationally acclaimed systems as well as to contribute to boost the growth of the economic and trade sector,” said to Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of Al-Amthal.