Easy Costing with OPTIMUM TA Time Sheet

The OPTIMUM Time & Attendance system has added yet another beneficial feature to the system!

The new electronic Time Sheet feature ensures that the salary of each employee can be allocated for the hours spent on each project. An employee’s time at work can be assigned to the various projects that he/she works on, and the system tracks down the number of hours he/ she has worked on each of the allocated projects. In addition, it calculates how many hours the employee has worked overtime, worked on holidays and was absent from work. All these will reflect in the costing of the assigned projects.

The OPTIMUM Time and Attendance system works hand in hand with the other OPTIMUM modules. When the TA system is linked with the OPTIMUM General Ledger and HRMS (Payroll) systems, the systems will calculate the time spent on each project, and allocate the salary, overtime etc. of the workers to the accounts concerned.

As a result, the costing process becomes easier, more accurate and reliable. The user-friendly screens guide the users through the set-up, project assignment, time input and reports with ease and efficiency