Al-Amthal teams up with major Omani Group

A fruitful business partnership has come into being between the AlBadi Investment Holding Group, a leading and prominent group of companies in the Sultanate of Oman, and Al-Amthal Al-Khaleeji, a subsidiary of the Amthal Group, Bahrain.

Al-Badi Group is one of the most successful group of companies within Oman. Their activities are spread over various fields such as construction, manufacturing, trade, industry, media and tourism, offering a wide variety of services and products to the Omani market. Being one of the major local business players Al-Badi Group has been achieving its main goal of serving the Omani community while attaining remarkable success.

Amthal Group, the developers of the OPTIMUM business solutions, is the pioneer in the software industry in Bahrain as well as the GCC countries. The wide range of software systems developed and implemented by Al- Amthal is renowned for their innovativeness, adaptability, bilingual capability, and user-friendliness.Within a very short span of time,Al-Amthal has been able to own a substantial share of the software market in the Middle East.

“Al-Amthal Al-Khaleeji and Al-Badi have entered into business venture in Oman. The business partnership with such a reputed name as the Al- Badi Group is definitely a great leap for Al-Amthal. This mutually beneficial association is going to yield substantial results in the future”, said Mr. Hani Awachi, CEO of the Amthal Group.