Al-Amthal at Bahrain Polytechnic Annual CAG Event 2021

The GM HR and Administration of Al Amthal Group, Mrs. Beate (Zahra) Schoek-Awachi, was delighted to attend the annual Curriculum Advisory Group event for the year 2021 "CAG 2021" of Bahrain Polytechnic that was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel on 31st October 2021 under the patronage of the Chairman of Bahrain Polytechnic's Board of Trustees, H.E. Eng. Wael Bin Naser Al Mubarak, Minister of Electricity and Water Authority.

This event is considered to be of extreme importance in order to produce "work-ready graduates" equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attributes that are required by the market, for which continuous industry engagement with partners of Bahrain Polytechnic is essential.

After breakfast where everyone had a chance to meet and catch up, the event started with a general meeting that was followed by breakout sessions allotted for 6 programs, Business, Logistics, ICT, Web Media, Visual Design, and Engineering, and was rounded off with a joint lunch that generated interesting discussions.

The role of the Curriculum Advisory Group members is to:

·        Provide feedback regarding the existing courses and programs

·        Suggest changes to improve the current practices

·        Provide insights regarding the trends in the relevant field of business

·        Provide input regarding the needed soft skills in specific areas. 

As a member of the ICT session, Mrs. Awachi pointed out: “Due to the rapid developments in our industry, we are always in search for new talents. Therefore, we really appreciate being given the chance to provide our feedback on the graduates of Bahrain Polytechnic and make recommendations on the curriculum in order to produce employable and highly qualified graduates to join our human recourses, who are indispensable for the success of our business. It is very encouraging to see that our support has always been considered invaluable and that our feedback continues to be taken very seriously into consideration. I would like to thank Bahrain Polytechnic for this very well-organized event and their warm hospitality.”