Mobile Apps & Websites

Al-Amthal has introduced many services online and continues to release new services in order to cater for numerous industries. The services Al-Amthal provides are either generic that can be utilized by any organization or specific to an industry. Hence, Al-Amthal ascertains its position in the E-Commerce market through the following:


At Al-Amthal we believe a website is much more than a collection of web pages representing a business. It has to reflect the character and ethos of the company to which it belongs. We develop websites that are combinations of aesthetic appeal and utility for the visitors. We employ the latest standards such as HTML, HTML5, Jquery, PHP, CSS, and CSS3. ECnet provides a variety of web productions such as content management systems, product management systems, online reservation systems, and customized systems. Our user-friendly web portals lead the visitors easily to the required information.


iOS Development Service

Another service of ECnet is the development of mobile applications developed on the iOS platform for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV, which are of top demand in the market, and thus Al-Amthal has again made sure to be walking abreast of emerging technologies.

Android Application Development

Android Application Development has also been added to the service repertoire of Al-Amthal. Android is the widely chosen platform for application development in most of the renowned brands of smart phones and tablets. Android provides a revolutionary open source platform for cell phones and mobile devices.


A Payment Gateway is an integral part of an e-commerce system in order to authorize payments for any e-businesses. One of the latest additions to Al-Amthal’s e-commerce services is the Payment Gateway Integration module that enables merchants to process payments made by their customers through credit card. The Payment Gateway Integration Module ensures data encryption, security and reliability for the information that passes between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor.